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Meet Sue | 100% Character Uncovered

Universal Channel is shining a light on people from around the UK and Ireland who inspire others through their determination and extraordinary character. These rare individuals have the spark to dream big, matched with a steely resolve to pursue that dream with unwavering commitment. They are authentic, talented and have 100% character.

What does it take to use your passion to change lives?

By 25, Sue Black was a single mother to three children living in a women's refuge, but she chose to turn her life around.

Sue turned to education. Starting with maths classes at night, Sue graduated with a computing degree from London's South Bank University in 1993 and later earned her PhD in Engineering in 2001.

One’s of Sue’s greatest achievements was her integral role in securing funding for the restoration of Bletchley Park, the UK World War II centre for decrypting enemy messages.

Sue continues to pave the way for women in technology. Her program Tech Mums offers free training in digital security and social media whilst providing a supportive online community for mothers wanting to know more about what their children are doing online.

Sue has won countless awards and was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the 2016.

Sue’s story is surely inspirational, a single mother who followed her passions against all odds.

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