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Broken Arrow, Season 8, Episode 7

9:00 PM

Chicago Med

Play By My Rules, Season 4, Episode 8

10:00 PM

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Hell's Kitchen, Season 20, Episode 8


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    Obsession, Season 7, Episode 21 (S)

    DiNozzo falls for a reporter while investigating her brother's death - but the siblings have dangerous KGB connections.

  6. 10:00 AM


    Patriot Down, Season 7, Episode 23 (S)

    A charred corpse turns out to be NCIS agent Lara Macy, a close friend of Gibbs. Is her death connected to the rape case she was investigating?

  7. 11:00 AM


    Rule Fifty-One, Season 7, Episode 24 (S)

    Captured by a Mexican drug cartel, Gibbs learns that he is at the centre of a far-reaching vengeance plot going back decades.


  1. 12:00 PM

    My Dog Skip

  2. 2:00 PM


    Spider and the Fly, Season 8, Episode 1 (S)

    After Jackson Gibbs' confrontation with Paloma Reynosa, he is placed in protective custody at his son's home.

  3. 3:00 PM


    Worst Nightmare, Season 8, Episode 2 (S)

    The search for a missing teenager is made harder when her grandfather arranges a ransom without telling the team.

  4. 4:00 PM


    Short Fuse, Season 8, Episode 3 (S)

    A marine who kills an intruder at her home is reluctant to co-operate with the investigation. Does she have something to hide?

  5. 5:00 PM


    Royals and Loyals, Season 8, Episode 4 (S)

    When a petty officer is killed, the investigation leads to a Royal Navy ship - and hence an international incident.


  1. 6:00 PM


    Dead Air, Season 8, Episode 5 (S)

    The death of a DJ live on-air leads the team to an isolationist terror group.

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    Cracked, Season 8, Episode 6 (S)

    A researcher is run down by a bus - and her entire body is found to be covered in mathematical formulae.

  3. 8:00 PM


    Broken Arrow, Season 8, Episode 7 (S)

    An investigation into a salvage firm is complicated by DiNozzo's family issues.

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  1. 2:00 AM

    Law & Order

    Disciple, Season 9, Episode 15 (S)

    A teenager is found dead in an emergency room, leading the case's investigators to a defendant who insists that the voice of a saint is responsible.
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