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Chicago Med

Crisis of Confidence, Season 3, Episode 19

10:00 PM

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Mama, Season 19, Episode 22


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    Once a Hero, Season 4, Episode 8

    A homeless veteran makes a shocking entrance into a party with high-ranking officials, and the investigation turns up the body of a young girl.

  2. 4:00 PM


    Driven, Season 4, Episode 11

    When an officer dies while testing a prototype vehicle, it looks like suicide. However, the team soon realise he was murdered.

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    Suspicion, Season 4, Episode 12

    When a Marine is found dead in a small-town hotel room, the NCIS team find that the local cops already have the case wrapped up - or do they?


  1. 7:00 PM

    Private Eyes

    Between a Doc and a Hard Place, Season 2, Episode 7

    After a series of break-ins, Angie and Shade are hired to find out who's targeting a pro bono medical clinic.
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  2. 9:00 PM

    Chicago Med

    Crisis of Confidence, Season 3, Episode 19

    A young boy suffers a life-threatening case of the flu, while April suspects Choi's sister is stealing painkillers.
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  3. 11:00 PM

    The Resident

    No Matter the Cost, Season 1, Episode 6

    Conrad wages battle on behalf of his patient while also dealing with his father, who has turned up at the hospital with no warning.
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  1. 4:00 AM


    Pay to Play, Season 4, Episode 17

    When a rapper is killed, Don's team must race to find the culprits. They need Charlie's help, but he is busy with Amita's visiting parents.

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