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In Ice Cold Blood

Master Obsession, Season 1, Episode 2

10:00 PM


Black Dog, Season 1, Episode 1


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    Hangman, Season 6, Episode 1 (S) (AD)

    While the team guards an activist who has been targeted by a sniper, Charlie and Amita struggle to keep their private lives private.

  4. 9:00 AM

    CSI: Miami

    Under Suspicion, Season 4, Episode 6 (S)

    The CSIs must race against time when all the evidence in a murder case points to Horatio.

  5. 10:00 AM

    CSI: Miami

    Felony Flight, Season 4, Episode 7 (S)

    A convicted serial killer escapes after sabotaging an airplane that was flying him from New York to Miami, where he allegedly buried a body.


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    High Seas, Season 1, Episode 6 (S)

    A sailor is found naked in a restaurant freezer and claims he was drugged – but how did he get past a recent narcotics screening?

  2. 1:00 PM

    Law & Order

    School Daze, Season 11, Episode 22 (S)

    Investigating a school shooting in which four students die, Briscoe and Green narrow the suspects down to one youth with a violent past.
  3. 2:00 PM

    Law & Order

    Judge Dread, Season 11, Episode 23 (S)

    Having been given a particularly harsh jail sentence, an accountant takes revenge on the judge who imposed the punishment.
  4. 3:00 PM

    CSI: Miami

    Nailed, Season 4, Episode 8 (S)

    The team is called out to investigate the murder of a young woman who was about to sign her divorce papers.

  5. 4:00 PM

    CSI: Miami

    Urban Hellraisers, Season 4, Episode 9 (S)

    The team learns that a bank robbery is part of a video game called Urban Hellraisers that is being played out in real life.

  6. 5:00 PM

    Major Crimes

    Jane Doe #38, Season 3, Episode 6 (S)

    When a young girl is murdered and her body is found in a bin, the detectives begin the hunt to find her killer.


  1. 6:00 PM

    Major Crimes

    Two Options, Season 3, Episode 7 (S)

    The team joins forces with the Special Operations Bureau on the hunt for a murderer after an elderly couple are shot in their home.

  2. 7:00 PM


    Sub Rosa, Season 1, Episode 7 (S)

    Gibbs and Kate go in search of an imposter when a submariner's remains are discovered in a vat of acid. Meanwhile, Tony works with a young agent.

  3. 9:00 PM

    In Ice Cold Blood

    Master Obsession, Season 1, Episode 2 (S)

    The body of a young law student is found in a trashcan, leaving police to unravel a tangled web of boyfriends, exes and unrequited lovers.
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    Black Dog, Season 1, Episode 1

    Recently widowed coroner Jenny Cooper investigates the death of a teenager in a youth detention centre.


  1. 2:00 AM

    Sea Patrol

    Saving Ryan, Season 5, Episode 12 (S) (AD)

    The Hammersley is sent to intercept the MV Sassy and escort her back to port. Maxine asks for help to find Ryan.

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