Season 1

  • Episode 1. Derailed

    The staff of Gaffney Chicago Medical Center's new ER are given a baptism of fire when the department's opening is interrupted by a train crash.

  • Episode 2. iNO

    Dr Choi treats a teenage mother who abandoned her newborn baby in an alley. The nurses surprise Dr Manning with a baby shower.

  • Episode 12. Guilty

    The ER's charge nurse is arrested for refusing to run a blood test on a DUI, Dr Halstead seeks legal advice, and Dr Manning has a difficult case.

  • Episode 13. Us

    Dr Charles faces a difficult case involving a patient who wants to remove his own arm, while Halstead and Goodwin try to help a grieving widower.

  • Episode 14. Hearts

    Dr Manning investigates a young boy's background after the child is admitted with a broken wrist. Dr Choi tries to deal with an erratic patient.

  • Episode 16. Disorder

    Two of the team disagree about how to treat a patient with heart problems, Choi comes to the aid of an injured hoarder while out on paramedic duty.

  • Episode 17. Withdrawal

    The team manage to find a surprising connection between two elderly patients presenting similar symptoms. Dr Manning loses her wedding ring.

Season 3